From Vision to Virtualization
Exploring ASIC Solutions and Multimedia Frameworks
with Principal Engineer Daniel Zhou

In the Voices of Video interview, Daniel Zhou of NETINT shares insights into the company's evolution, focusing on its transition from its founding principles to its current innovative approach in video processing solutions. He delves into the specifics of Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs), comparing their efficiency, cost, and power consumption with traditional CPUs and GPUs.

The discussion also covers the comprehensive software stack accompanying NETINT products, highlighting support for multimedia frameworks and SDK availability. Daniel emphasizes the ease of integration and the focus on virtualization, quality of service, and security in their offerings.

The interview concludes with an overview of NETINT's commitment to power efficiency and reliability, underpinned by advanced hardware mechanisms and a rigorous testing framework, underscoring NETINT's dedication to delivering high-quality, efficient video processing solutions.

Voices of Video: From Vision to Virtualization| Exploring ASIC Solutions and Multimedia Frameworks with Principle Engineer Daniel Zhou


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